What Our Technology  can do for you.  Babelsys is an enterprise application solution that is modular in construction and is designed to be scalable.

The design of Babelsys follows the Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). SOA defines the business-processes of the system as a number of non-related ‘services’. The services communicate with each other by passing data from one service to another, and individually are reusable, modular and portable. This design approach aids standards compliance. Service orientation aims at a loose coupling of services with the technology underlying the application solution.

Development of Babelsys uses the Spring.NET framework. Spring.NET is an open source application framework that makes building enterprise .NET and ASP.NET applications easier. The design of Spring.NET incorporates the proven architectural and design principles of the Java version of the Spring Framework. Spring.NET is itself modular, allowing use of the functionality in its modules independently thus enabling us to create a more focused solution.

Development of Spring.NET is led and sustained by SpringSource. Further details can be found on the website www.springframework.net.

A modern solution for all your Wealth Management needs

Babel system provides a complete and comprehensive solution for the back and middle office of any stockbroker, wealth manager, platform or start-up.
The product is built to interface to a number of different systems including front office solutions such as CRM and Portfolio Management as well as the market.
It has been architected for the 21st century with clear demarcation of data, logic and presentation, and uses web services to communicate.