Babel Systems is an advanced web-based modular platform for automated real time processing of equities, bonds and funds. Its modular design allows companies to select components to suit their needs and to increase the scope or capacity of the solution when necessary.

The system is comprised of integrated modules that include custody, non-custody assets, corporate actions, settlement, payments, compliance, static data, fees/charges, transfers and documents, plus accounting and FX functions. Trading modules include order placement and fund manager execution for funds, as well as dealer and trade allocation for equities, and subsequent trade matching for CREST settlement.

Client-facing modules include portfolio management capabilities that offer visibility of custody holdings and accounting balances, as well as a range of reporting and modelling tools. Account owners and employees working within end-user firms also benefit from easy access to a range of sophisticated order processing applications. Babel Systems uses a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is based on Microsoft .NET technology as well as the Spring.NET application framework.


  • Advanced web-based modular platform
  • Modular design
  • Automated real time processing of equities, bonds and funds
  • Visibility of custody holdings and accounting balances
  • Sophisticated order processing applications
  • Modern application framework

Our Products Available


The Babel Systems Order Processing module includes online trade order capture of funds equities and bonds. It provides validation of client money and stock availability, tax wrapper validation and fiduciary checks. The Order Processing module supports online, automatic and dealer execution of orders.


The Babel Systems Accounting module supports standard double entry, multi-currency accounting. A number of different account types are supported, including: client, counterparty, nominal, nostros, and agent accounts.
The Accounting module contains an automatic reconciliation engine that reconciles client positions held within Babel Systems with CREST, banks and other counterparts. Manual reconciliation is also supported. At any given point in time the system can provide actual and cleared balances.


The Babel Systems Payments module processes payments generated by other modules either as individual or bulk payments. It can interface with BACS, SWIFT and PayPal. The payments module includes Retail Logic for debit cards. It has been written to interface seamlessly with an external systems bus, thereby facilitating the ability to create new payment types in the future.


Settlement of trades is fully automated with interfaces to Euroclear UK and Ireland single settlement engine (CREST), and EMX. Manual settlement is also supported.


The Babel Systems Fees & Charges module contains an automated billing engine. It calculates client fees according to base or tiered rates, taking into account a large number of agency agreements.


The Babel Systems Compliance module is responsible for ensuring compliance with various industry regulations (e.g. money laundering, ISA reporting) as well as compliance with specific portfolio and client objectives (e.g. ethical investment). It includes pre-trade and post-trade compliance, know-your-client, regulatory compliance and investment objective compliance.


The Babel Systems Custody module keeps a record of custody positions for reconciliation with custodians and fund managers. This module can interface with Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST), SWIFT and Fund Managers.


The Babel Systems Corporate Actions module can process corporate actions for securities held in client portfolios and administered by Babel Systems. Clients or Discretionary Managers are advised of forthcoming CA announcements and are presented with an option to make an election for a voluntary event. Clients are able to specify an automatic re-investment option for their portfolios. Babel Systems will process events accordingly and advise clients when confirmations are received. The Corporate Actions module can interface with Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST) and data providers.


The Babel Systems Portfolio Management module includes valuation, modeling and flexible reporting. Online reports can be downloaded to MS Excel for further analysis by the client.

A comprehensive solution for all your Wealth Management needs

Babel system provides a complete and comprehensive solution for the back and middle office of any stockbroker,
wealth manager, platform or start-up.

The product can hold the client Investment book of records, maintains a position in time for the holdings,
wrappers and trades associated with those client records. It has a complete order management system which
uniquely covers equities, funds and bonds through to settlement.